Monday, 30 March 2015

Mac Mineralize Skin Finish: Soft and Gentle
Illamasqua Blusher: Sophie
Kiko Eyeshadow Stick:37
Kiko Lipstick: 613
Illamasqua Skin Base: 6
Mac Eyeshadow: Texture
Tshirt: Blink 182 Leeds Fest
Skirt: Vintage (My Mums!)
Floral Garland: Primark

I have fallen in love with this Illamasqua blusher in 'Sophie' ; The other night I was in the Bullring waiting for my lovely friend to go and have dinner and I found myself drawn to the Illamasqua concession stand. I've wanted to try something from this particular makeup brand for a L O N G time, the colours are awesome and appeal to my inner colour kid ^.^ I went for this particular shade as I really want a warm coral/pink with flecks of gold to double up as an eye shadow over summer and this blusher looks awesome both with and without foundation, which will be perfect for those summer days when I love having my freckles out underneath the sunshine!
Also in London this weekend I got the chance to go to Kiko, a makeup store me and my sister discovered on our travels to Barcelona last year. I was so excited to look at all their eye makeup as last summer I constantly wore a peachy orange shadow I purchased from there (which I have since unfortunately dropped on numerous occasions and shattered...I'm so clumsy). With not too much money and the Illamasqua purchase already ruining my saving plans I settled on this eyeshadow stick. I've been after an eyeshadow similar to Sonic which was in the Urban Decay Vice Palette since Christmas; however since this has sold out and they don't sell it by itself I have been searching everywhere for something similar. Although this quite a bit darker I love the red undertones and think they make my eyes look super blue! If anyone knows where I can find Sonic/Sonic dupe please let me know ^.^
I go home for my tiny easter holidays on Friday morning and I'm so excited to have a few days back home and relax and eat chocolate and hopefully enjoy some springtime sun before the last bit of uni ! ^.^

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Dress: New Look
Flower Garland: Primark
Bindi: Etsy
Eye Makeup: Sephora/Mac/Sleek
Lipstick: Macs Velvet Teddy
 It has been a little while since I've managed to get round to uploading another blog post, mostly due to the fact that Uni is going past at a crazy speed right now. Since forcing myself to break out of my happy routine of an early start being '10am' I am now having to wake up and run out of the door at 8.30 to try and get as much out of studio time as possible. This means I have no time to take photos in the morning when I look half decent and in the evening my time is split between netflix/my sketchbook/food/the library.
Yesterday I got the chance to go into London with the beautiful Abby ( and we spent our time shopping, drinking cocktails, and eating krispy kremes. It was so nice to leave alot of problems that have been playing on my mind recently back in Coventry and just go and have fun for a day. As much as making this collection for my Final Major is scary and stressful and at times seemingly impossible I feel I've very VERY slowly got to the stage where I'm enjoying creating my drawings into fabric and its exciting watching everything start to come together. The thing that worries me the most at the moment is the big question 'Who are you going to be after uni?'.
I guess my biggest hope is that the answer to that question ends up to be 'Happy' ^.^

Sunday, 1 March 2015

This weekend has been awesome. Its been nice to leave the stress of pattern cutting, toiling and sketchbook dilemnas behind me and go back home to see my sister Gemma, her boyfriend John and their cute crazy cat Jasmine! 
Me and Gemma explored a nearby city, making the best purchase so far this year: white dungarees for £14.99 (blog post to follow ASAP!), we made pancakes, played charades, watched Pride & Prejudice and made cornflake cakes! I finished off the visit seeing my favourite person ever Luke Chase! 
Its nice to get away and get refreshed before starting another week! This week we have to have 3 outfits toiled for our crits (I barely have 1...) and I need to finalise my print which I'm super excited about. Pattern cutting I suck at but print design I love! Its exciting to start to see everything V E R Y S L O W L Y start to come together ^.^ 
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