Sunday, 14 June 2015


Floral Crown: Newlook
Dress: Asos
Tutu Skirt: Dorothy Perkins
Jacket + Shoes: Topshop
Lipstick: Mac's Heroine
Today me and Chase went to a christening which was pretty cool, the last time I went to one I was 4 and so singing along to some well remembered primary school favourite hymns was a nice start to the day ^.^ I've been a bit bored since finishing Uni and in that awful phase of obsessively checking my emails for job acceptances/declines and awaiting my final degree result. Last night I decided to shave a bit of my hair off just because I was bored and I wanted to do something different and so I made Chase (who didn't want to haha) shave a small piece of my hair off at the front, it can only really be seen when I'm wearing my hair up and although I may shave more off over the next couple of weeks I like how it is at the moment ^.^ There was that moment of dread as I saw my hair coming off that I was like 'What am I doing'.. but only I know its there when I wear my hair down like in the photos above ^^^ I really want to dye it something different but I like the colours too much to change them at the moment.. hair feels like the most affordable thing to play around with at the moment as I'm so stuck in my student overdraft its horrible, I just want to be rich.. or if not rich with at least enough money to rent a little cottage like Miss Honeys in Matilda and have a toy poodle (unclipped.. because then they look like teddy bears). Or to live in london and be famous. ^.^

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Dress: Topshop (LOVE)
Leather Jacket: House of Holland
Socks + Sandals: Primark
Scrunchie: New Look
Sunglasses: Monki
Harness Belt: Paige Ryan

On Friday I went on an adventure down to London for the weekend to exhibit my Graduate work at Free Range, this consisted of a portfolio, an illustrated book, business cards (and later), cava, sample sales, hotels, photos, trains, peroni cocktails, more photos, markets, cider, street food, old friends, new friends, best friends and new memories.
I had the best weekend, the idea behind exhibiting your work down in London is to try and make as many connections as possible and get a job! I haven't come away with a job but perhaps my business cards are sat in peoples pockets who are interested in me or if not if they enjoyed my work and I made an impression and that is amazing in itself. Its crazy that I have now officially left university, I'm scared and excited at all the prospects but being down in London made me focus on what matters: being creative. If  I can be creative I'll be happy, I want to surround myself with people and with art and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts and I'm hopeful this summer can bring me more memories, (I hope!!!) a new job and (again HOPEHOPEHOPE) somewhere to live ! ^.^
The jacket (above ^^^^) I managed to get for £20 from a house of holland sample sale, its real leather, its beautiful, its literally me in a jacket and it makes me so happy I LOVE it. I bought a few other pieces from the sample sale, it was opposite our exhibition which was pretty much mean't to be because house of holland is one of my favourite brand and I came away with super expensive pieces for £5 here and £10 there! I LOVE sample sales ^.^
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