Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Jeans + Golly Gosh Jacket: House of Holland | Shoes : River Island | Tinsel Top: H&M

Honestly, Valentines Day seems a million years ago now- since then we have a little bunny in our home named Buster who is 9 weeks old, a mini lop and a massive handful! Ive just spent the last half an hour trying to get him back into his cage.. we want him to be a house bunny but I think hes got a little too much freedom for such a tiny baby (he is staring at me sulkily as I write this.)
For Valentines Day me and Chase went to a restaurant called The Cosy Club in Leicester. Its interior is very vintage/tea rooms/pinterest and I LOVE it! We've eaten there before but this time it was nice to go for a 3 course meal and spend some time talking. away from all the distractions of every day life and social media. 
We're still testing out different settings with my camera, which to be honest would come out alot better if we researched and came off of the auto buttons, but for these photos when time was precious and indoor lighting and focusing was hard, hopefully they'll do! 
I got these jeans and this jacket (which is actually a dress) from the 'House of Holland' sample sale I went to in June, I love them and have been waiting for a time to style them up and dress them. I always thinks perfect clothes need to have the best first outfit ensemble, and then I can wear them day in day out wherever/however! I wore them with these River Island heels which I bought back when I was on my placement year at uni and have never got around to wearing! On a night out I'm a flats kinda gal and I cant drive and walk EVERYWHERE which rules out every day heels, but once I can drive they'll be on my feet alot more ^.^ (obviously not whilst im driving.. I'm definetely not that good ;))

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Scarf : Topshop | Bag: Accessorize | Septum Ring: Depop

I am currently sat at home from work feeling poorly for the third day in the row, rewatching pretty little liars and thought what better time to write about this weekend ^.^
Some of my favourite people came and visited me and my new house this weekend, we ate, we drank, we went to a tragic nightclub (we genuinely had to let ourselves in and were the only ones on the dance floor for about 2 hours.. but as Abby said our dance moves were the best!) and I showed them around where I'm from! It was so nice to have them over and how happily we slot back into each others lives- after living together in our final year (Angie I lived with for two years!) and being best friends for a few years longer, when you leave uni you start to wonder who you'll keep in touch with and how your lives and friendships will intertwine and in a sense survive over the following years.
The plan for Saturday was to shop in Leicester as thats the closest city to me, and I knew where I'm from probably (in the winter weather) had about a days worth of entertainment that we could have on the Sunday! In reality shopping turned into coffee and then pizza and then cocktails as we realised how poor we still are in these months following graduation and how drinks and food and catching up was worth more to us and our money (funny.. considering we're fashion students!). After cocktails at Turtle Bay (Mai Tais are the best!) we got the train back to mine, where we listened to Taylor Swift, Twenty One Pilots, Craig David (I am supporting him for 2016 comeback! ;)), James Bay and many more whilst drinking Sex on the Beach, getting ready, singing, talking and taking photos! I took this chance to wear my new septum ring that i'd ordered and I literally love it, I don't think I can get away with wearing it everyday because after a few hours it gets annoying and does hurt, but for a night or evening out I love it- I'm sure as time goes on I'll wear it all the time to be honest! After a fun night out where I live, where we stumbled across bars, shouted Nigel Thornberry at a poor unsuspecting man and invited ourselves into a derelict club and created our own playlist for the DJ, we went to sleep!
On Sunday Chase played taxi driver and we showed them where Chase is from, where I'm from and we went to Rutland Water, where I can't wait till summer to take them back to so we can go rowing ^.^ I managed to get some photos of my new fur scarf that feels very Fendi inspired, but was heavily reduced in the Topshop sale! And this awesome bag Angie got me for Xmas, which I believe is from Accessorize and is literally me in a box bag (with Tassels ontop!)
It was so nice to see friends again and to relax and have fun, sometimes I feel quite lonely where me and Chase live, as I'm still learning to drive, I commute such a long way that evenings feel only good for sleeping and watching four in a bed (my latest 4od craze) and moving back you realise how many people have moved on. I'm determined though to push myself to make a big effort in 2016 both in my professional and personal life, I want to achieve great things but more importantly I want to make sure I share these moments with the best people I know ^.^
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